Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New blog !

Important update, mah nigga. I'm going to be moving my blog to Memoirs of a Flatchested Maid ! That will be my new blog. What's up and coming with the new blog? More random, useless, mind-raping garbage we all know, love (or hate), way more Touhou related content. I'll keep my new blog more organized with way more Touhou doujin music reviews monthly ! Thanks to all of my online friends, followers, and acquaintances that have inspired me to keep up with "Mimoto's Reminiscence", it really means a lot to me. See you all at "Memoirs of a Flatchested Maid" !

PS: If possible, I'd appreciate it you guys were to blogroll my new blog, and I'll blogroll you guys back ! Also, for my current blog followers, please continue to follow me with my new blog if you're still interested ! Thanks, bros ! Take it easy !

-Mimoto (みもと)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year!

Hey there, Mimoto (みもと) here! Wishing you guys all a happy new year, and I'm hoping that you guys will have things to look forward to. I know my posts have been really pessimistic or devoid of content as of late, and I'm really sorry about that. School, stress, life, and a bunch of shit's just been kinda on my ass. Anyways, how was everyone's start of the new year so far? I drank quite a bit last night, so I'm going to be hungover for a while. /o\;

I've been downloading some C81 content too, and most albums were mediocre at best. I didn't like Sally's album that much this time around for some reason, eh. For some reason, the crossfade sounded way better. The only two circles that made decent albums were Yuuhei Satellite and Demetori imo, but I've only downloaded like 15 albums, so eh.

Oh, I managed to get a functioning PS2 controller from a friend, and purchased myself a USB adapter for it. So now I can play Hisoutensoku again. I am excite ! ! ! I can't wait to actively go on IRC again soon, haha. I'm also starting a Sakuya Izayoi combo video for Soku too, though I'm not great with Sakuya or anything . .  I'm okay with her, really. Just decent enough to handle my own share of battles on IRC, eh. Anyways, I'll update more entries hopefully.. some time.. soon. Take it easy, bros. 

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