Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New blog !

Important update, mah nigga. I'm going to be moving my blog to Memoirs of a Flatchested Maid ! That will be my new blog. What's up and coming with the new blog? More random, useless, mind-raping garbage we all know, love (or hate), way more Touhou related content. I'll keep my new blog more organized with way more Touhou doujin music reviews monthly ! Thanks to all of my online friends, followers, and acquaintances that have inspired me to keep up with "Mimoto's Reminiscence", it really means a lot to me. See you all at "Memoirs of a Flatchested Maid" !

PS: If possible, I'd appreciate it you guys were to blogroll my new blog, and I'll blogroll you guys back ! Also, for my current blog followers, please continue to follow me with my new blog if you're still interested ! Thanks, bros ! Take it easy !

-Mimoto (みもと)

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