Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New blog !

Important update, mah nigga. I'm going to be moving my blog to Memoirs of a Flatchested Maid ! That will be my new blog. What's up and coming with the new blog? More random, useless, mind-raping garbage we all know, love (or hate), way more Touhou related content. I'll keep my new blog more organized with way more Touhou doujin music reviews monthly ! Thanks to all of my online friends, followers, and acquaintances that have inspired me to keep up with "Mimoto's Reminiscence", it really means a lot to me. See you all at "Memoirs of a Flatchested Maid" !

PS: If possible, I'd appreciate it you guys were to blogroll my new blog, and I'll blogroll you guys back ! Also, for my current blog followers, please continue to follow me with my new blog if you're still interested ! Thanks, bros ! Take it easy !

-Mimoto (みもと)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year!

Hey there, Mimoto (みもと) here! Wishing you guys all a happy new year, and I'm hoping that you guys will have things to look forward to. I know my posts have been really pessimistic or devoid of content as of late, and I'm really sorry about that. School, stress, life, and a bunch of shit's just been kinda on my ass. Anyways, how was everyone's start of the new year so far? I drank quite a bit last night, so I'm going to be hungover for a while. /o\;

I've been downloading some C81 content too, and most albums were mediocre at best. I didn't like Sally's album that much this time around for some reason, eh. For some reason, the crossfade sounded way better. The only two circles that made decent albums were Yuuhei Satellite and Demetori imo, but I've only downloaded like 15 albums, so eh.

Oh, I managed to get a functioning PS2 controller from a friend, and purchased myself a USB adapter for it. So now I can play Hisoutensoku again. I am excite ! ! ! I can't wait to actively go on IRC again soon, haha. I'm also starting a Sakuya Izayoi combo video for Soku too, though I'm not great with Sakuya or anything . .  I'm okay with her, really. Just decent enough to handle my own share of battles on IRC, eh. Anyways, I'll update more entries hopefully.. some time.. soon. Take it easy, bros. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How would your life change if you hadn't discovered Touhou?

I ask myself that all the time. How would it change? A year and a half ago while browsing a forum, a friend of mine (who goes on /jp/ pretty much daily) told me about Touhou. I didn't really understand what the point of it was, and in all honesty, I didn't care for it. A couple months after that, a friend of mine said: "Hey, let's download Touhou Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.", or something like that.

All I knew at the time was that it was a fighting game, and it was actually my first Touhou game I've played at the time. I didn't understand much, but thought that  the mechanics were clunky, yet the feel of the game seemed really enjoyable. As I kept on playing, me and my friend formed a network over Hamachi and invited people over time. 

Slowly over time, I started browsing /jp/ and started contributing when it comes to wallpapers, or other misc Touhou related images and information. I became immersed in this phenomenon called "Touhou". It seems so simple, right? A bunch of little girls shooting bullets and dodging bullets. How can anything like that be fun at all? You'd be surprised. Give it a try.

A year and a half has passed since then. Over 90% of my music library consists of Touhou doujin (self-published) albums, and that's all I ever listen to now. The music is really inspiring and interesting to listen to, because it can range anywhere from trance, rock, metal, vocals, pop, etc. There's no "set" genre for Touhou doujin music, because it's made by so many artists. There are thousands of circles out there, so you'll always have time to explore.

I still play Touhou too, Touhou Hisoutensoku to be precise. Nowadays, I sometimes frequent #hisouten on irc.rizon.net to look for matches if I have nothing to do. Touhou itself has changed my hobbies drastically. I started collecting figurines, learning different 'research' method whenever I am looking for albums that are in full-blown Japanese, and I honestly don't know a single squat of Japanese. I just find different ways to look up information that I care about. I wouldn't know how to do any of this, if I hadn't gotten into the Touhou Project series. 

Because of Touhou, I've also met a lot of really cool and interesting friends over the internet too. I don't have a single regret because of it. It's a great thing to get into if you have the time, because it's not just a game series. It's a culture. \( ^ ω^)/

Friday, December 16, 2011

Skyrim up the ass

"Nothing completely awkward here. NOPE. Nothing at all."

I've been playing Skyrim a lot since release date, and before you ask, I didn't buy it since it costs way too much (for a poor person like me). I've been enjoying it a lot, because the gameplay and scenery are magnificent. I've been rather absorbed in Skyrim, and haven't done much besides playing that and well . . . being stressed out with schoolwork and money. 

Oh, right. How were your finals? I got done with mine already, and today would be the first day in which I am starting my "break". I did rather poorly this semester, if I had to be honest. Nothing great, meh. But yeah, I don't really have any special plans for Christmas due to the fact that my parents never does anything around this time, and neither do I, since I don't care for it.

I don't really give or receive anything around Christmas, though I used to. I just don't really see a point of it. Anyways, besides all of this typical faggotry, I've been listening to more doujin circles and albums too, so ya know, I'm still taking it easy. 

Anyways, peace out, bros. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

"NoFap", etc

So there's this thing going on Reddit about not fapping, but how does that work, you may ask? Try to not fap for as many days as possible. An online friend of mine recently told me about this, and I swear, it is the strangest feeling ever to try to not think of sexual situations, or things, in general. So I guess I'm trying it for the hell of it, because society has been brainwashing us into thinking that masturbating is good or something. It's not true, and it supposedly kills your self-confidence. I guess that makes sense, if you really think about it. So I guess I'm going to be trying this. But godddamn, let me fucking tell you . . . 

Every time you're going to be on an imageboard site? Porn ads!
Every time you're Googlin' and clickin' on a random page? Porn ads!
Every time you're currently watchan' porn? More porn ads!

Moral: Fuck you, internet! FUCK YOU!

So anyways, I'm still going to attempt this, I've passed "Day 1" so far, and today, I haven't thought about anything sexual regarding lolies, er.. girls, er.. women. FFFFFFFUUU-!!!! Also because of this "NoFap", there are things I regularly do that I can't anymore:

-Read eroge 
-Read doujinshi
-Watch anime (not a big killer, since I've been cutting back on anime in general)
-Oh, why don't I just cross off the entire fucking "media" as a list. SHIT, SON.

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