Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How would your life change if you hadn't discovered Touhou?

I ask myself that all the time. How would it change? A year and a half ago while browsing a forum, a friend of mine (who goes on /jp/ pretty much daily) told me about Touhou. I didn't really understand what the point of it was, and in all honesty, I didn't care for it. A couple months after that, a friend of mine said: "Hey, let's download Touhou Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.", or something like that.

All I knew at the time was that it was a fighting game, and it was actually my first Touhou game I've played at the time. I didn't understand much, but thought that  the mechanics were clunky, yet the feel of the game seemed really enjoyable. As I kept on playing, me and my friend formed a network over Hamachi and invited people over time. 

Slowly over time, I started browsing /jp/ and started contributing when it comes to wallpapers, or other misc Touhou related images and information. I became immersed in this phenomenon called "Touhou". It seems so simple, right? A bunch of little girls shooting bullets and dodging bullets. How can anything like that be fun at all? You'd be surprised. Give it a try.

A year and a half has passed since then. Over 90% of my music library consists of Touhou doujin (self-published) albums, and that's all I ever listen to now. The music is really inspiring and interesting to listen to, because it can range anywhere from trance, rock, metal, vocals, pop, etc. There's no "set" genre for Touhou doujin music, because it's made by so many artists. There are thousands of circles out there, so you'll always have time to explore.

I still play Touhou too, Touhou Hisoutensoku to be precise. Nowadays, I sometimes frequent #hisouten on to look for matches if I have nothing to do. Touhou itself has changed my hobbies drastically. I started collecting figurines, learning different 'research' method whenever I am looking for albums that are in full-blown Japanese, and I honestly don't know a single squat of Japanese. I just find different ways to look up information that I care about. I wouldn't know how to do any of this, if I hadn't gotten into the Touhou Project series. 

Because of Touhou, I've also met a lot of really cool and interesting friends over the internet too. I don't have a single regret because of it. It's a great thing to get into if you have the time, because it's not just a game series. It's a culture. \( ^ ω^)/

Friday, December 16, 2011

Skyrim up the ass

"Nothing completely awkward here. NOPE. Nothing at all."

I've been playing Skyrim a lot since release date, and before you ask, I didn't buy it since it costs way too much (for a poor person like me). I've been enjoying it a lot, because the gameplay and scenery are magnificent. I've been rather absorbed in Skyrim, and haven't done much besides playing that and well . . . being stressed out with schoolwork and money. 

Oh, right. How were your finals? I got done with mine already, and today would be the first day in which I am starting my "break". I did rather poorly this semester, if I had to be honest. Nothing great, meh. But yeah, I don't really have any special plans for Christmas due to the fact that my parents never does anything around this time, and neither do I, since I don't care for it.

I don't really give or receive anything around Christmas, though I used to. I just don't really see a point of it. Anyways, besides all of this typical faggotry, I've been listening to more doujin circles and albums too, so ya know, I'm still taking it easy. 

Anyways, peace out, bros. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

"NoFap", etc

So there's this thing going on Reddit about not fapping, but how does that work, you may ask? Try to not fap for as many days as possible. An online friend of mine recently told me about this, and I swear, it is the strangest feeling ever to try to not think of sexual situations, or things, in general. So I guess I'm trying it for the hell of it, because society has been brainwashing us into thinking that masturbating is good or something. It's not true, and it supposedly kills your self-confidence. I guess that makes sense, if you really think about it. So I guess I'm going to be trying this. But godddamn, let me fucking tell you . . . 

Every time you're going to be on an imageboard site? Porn ads!
Every time you're Googlin' and clickin' on a random page? Porn ads!
Every time you're currently watchan' porn? More porn ads!

Moral: Fuck you, internet! FUCK YOU!

So anyways, I'm still going to attempt this, I've passed "Day 1" so far, and today, I haven't thought about anything sexual regarding lolies, er.. girls, er.. women. FFFFFFFUUU-!!!! Also because of this "NoFap", there are things I regularly do that I can't anymore:

-Read eroge 
-Read doujinshi
-Watch anime (not a big killer, since I've been cutting back on anime in general)
-Oh, why don't I just cross off the entire fucking "media" as a list. SHIT, SON.

Monday, November 7, 2011


I was reading a thread on Reddit that a friend linked me recently. It was about ADHD, and of course, it's relevant to me because my entire life, I've always known that I had it. This Reddit thread reminded me that I need to somehow control my own problems, so that I can focus better. You might think to yourself "Why does that even matter?" You're just hyperactive and stuff.", right? 

Not necessarily. In this case, sometimes I'm too hyperactive, other times, it can lead to some depression and irritability problems. I've noticed that I get annoyed easily around people, regardless of whether they're close friends or not. I wouldn't really snap in front of them, of course. I just wouldn't want to be around them afterwards. Sometimes, I get depressive over minor things too. I never understood why.

My most obvious problems right now is that I have trouble focusing on tasks. This especially applies right now in college because I'll try sitting down at home, and I can't get anything done. I really do try. I'll turn off my laptop, and just sit there with a notebook, and can never seem to force myself into reading my own notes, regardless of how neat and detailed it may be. It gets worse when my parents comes towards me (at the worst time possible), seeing that I'm browsing the web, and just saying stuff like "Stop being lazy. Do your schoolwork", or whatever. It just irritates me, and I never want to say "You guys realize I have ADHD, right?".

My dad realized I've had it, because I was diagnosed with it when I was 8 years old. Problem is that he just think of it as an adolescent thing that involves hyperactivity. It's not just that. Once it hits you in the adult-stage of your life, you'll notice that you can't focus on a lot of things unless it's either rewarding for you somehow, or that you feel like you've received some sort of fulfillment.

I know with video games, I'll play fighters a lot because I strive to be better every time as I'm playing. Which is why I like fighting games a lot more than most, because I can always improve. That part is the reward factor, which is why I play fighting games often, though I've been playing less and less as of late.

Anyways, to get back on topic, nowadays, I supposedly have classes from noon - 10 PM on Tuesdays. However, since my one programming class has ended (half-semester course), I technically can leave my campus at 4:30 PM. But I choose to stay on campus until 9 or 10 PM at night because I won't be distracted by anyone. I'd just go to the library or something, and just do schoolwork (homework, studying, etc).

I can't do that at home because I have things that are always distracting me. One example would be my room, I have so many things there to distract me. Which is why I never study in my room.

I can't study downstairs because my parents and brother are always watching something, or being obnoxiously loud. Actually, I have a problem with noises. I can't concentrate if there are a lot of noise, which is why I listen to music (with headphones on) as I'm studying. Countering noise with noise that helps me to study. Does this make any sense? I hope I'm not rambling . . .

I've been taking a lot of Omega 3, 6 & 9 as of late too, because I've done extensive research to show that it does help me to focus better, the same can be said with other multi-vitamins. 

For more information on ADHD-PI, refer to here.

Besides all of the above, I really have nothing to report on, meh. I haven't really been reading a lot of eroge, but I have gotten at least an hour or two on "Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish Upon a Shooting Star-". I also still lack a controller, so I won't be able to play Touhou Hisoutensoku competitively for a while. But I guess that's a good thing, because I really need to focus on schoolwork anyways.

I have an exam tomorrow in my History class, so before that, I'm studying as much as I can today (and for the rest of the night). =/

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

M3-2011 Fall

Managed to get my hands of a few albums from this event. The one I looked forward to the most was ShibayanRecord's ムソウマテリアライズ album. I managed to get it just today, thanks to a poster from the Doujin Style forum. Anyways, I streamed it a little bit earlier today, but for those of you that wants the download, just go to here:

M3-28 (M3-11秋) Music Download Thread

It's really nice, because they sort it based by whether the doujin albums are either Touhou related, vocals, instrumentals, etc. I managed to get my hands on other albums too, of course, here are my list so far just from this specific event:

"Spilling Star" - Adresse
"片霧ミンの憂鬱" - CLOSED/UNDERGROUND (Katakiri Rekka's doujin group)
"Sugar" - シャノの気持ち
"ムソウマテリアライズ" - ShibayanRecords

I managed to get more albums, but they're still unsorted, so I'll try to sort those out soon. I should up some cover art for the albums too, eh?

That's all for now, thanks for reading, bros. Take it easy. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

星空のメモリア -Wish upon a shooting star-

Started venturing into the world of "Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish Upon a Wishing Star-", after hearing so much about it on /jp/, Google+, and other sites I often frequent. After about almost what seems to be half a year, I decided to look it up. Decided to install it, run the updater, and then use the English patcher on it (partial patch though) to see if it's any good. 

I must say that the artwork is superb for this eroge, no kidding. The animation quality is extremely over-done at times too. Everything just seems really crisp and bright, and really attracts my attention. I'm barely half an hour into it, but I definitely like artwork. The beginning of the story reminds me of something that "Key" would start out with for a plot opener, notsureifgoodorbad.

I'll definitely update my progress on this more as I keep reading, but I really like that girl with the red hair. She's friggin adorable, seriously loving the character design on her.

Also, here's the opening that I uploaded a day ago or so:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Doujin Music of the Week #3: "3L"

I started listening to the vocalist "3L" a lot lately for the past week or so. I was doing a typical browsin' moment on DoujinStyle, and noticed that there was a thread about godly vocals. I happened to click on a link that went straight to YouTube, and it was the song "月齢11.3のキャンドルマジック" by 3L:

My first thought as soon as the song started was that "Oh, typical shit", til the vocal started. ; _; It's.. so.. good... Goddamn it. The album was "ココロバイブレーション" by ShibayanRecords. Anyways, I skimmed through a lot of my previous albums from different circles that 3L did vocals and stuff, and she was in SYNC.ART'S too. But yeah, I don't know what it is about her vocals, but a lot of them are truthfully pretty good. Sure, there are some trashy or shitty Eurobeat vocals she did that I wasn't a huge fan of, but let's not get into that.

Anyways, the other song she did for SYNC.ART'S was "銀のめぐり". This was in the "HEART CHAIN" album, if anybody is interested:

Anyways, what I am looking forward to would be Syrufit's (Studio Syrup Comfiture) latest album called "2 Chain" from the Touhou Kouroumu 7 (東方紅楼夢7) event. 

Tracklist below!

Arranged by Syrufit / Poplica*

02.wheel - SSC Remix
Arranged by Syrufit / Poplica*
死体旅行 ~ Be of good cheer! / 東方地霊殿

03.innocent - Poplica* Remix
Arranged by Syrufit / Poplica*
砕月 / 東方萃夢想

04.bass noize
Arranged by Syrufit
Magic Shop of Raspberry / 東方幻想郷

06.月影少女 - Poplica* Remix
Arranged by Syrufit
少女綺想曲 ~ Dream Battle / 東方永夜抄

Arranged by Syrufit
世界の果て ~ World's End / 東方怪綺談

08.Empty fate - Poplica* Remix
Arranged by Syrufit / Poplica*
千年幻想郷 ~ History of the Moon / 東方永夜抄

09.Let It Out
Arranged by Syrufit / Poplica*
死体旅行 ~ Be of good cheer! / 東方地霊殿

Arranged by Syrufit / Poplica*


Seriously looking forward to when it's leaked.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tired, sick, etc

Hey there, guys. Sorry I haven't been updating anything in particular as of late. I must say that I think I'm growing weaker or some shit. I might not have had enough nutrition as of late or some shit. I've been really tired late, seriously. I'd be surprised if I could walk for like 10 minutes without feeling like I might have some sort of heart attack or something. I think it's just the season or time to be sick or something too, a lot of my friends have been getting sick.

Besides all of the above, I managed to get a G+ (Google Plus) account. I'm really loving G+ right now, I can freely converse with some of my /jp/ buddies, and see news that are relevant to my interests. Only shit that pertains to my interests, motherfucker.

Other than that, I'm trying to find albums from 東方紅楼夢7, because I'm really looking for certain albums from certain artists, derp. Really looking forward to Syrufit's latest album, but it hasn't been leaked yet, sadly. Trying IRCs, torrents, and motherfucking everything but to no avail. So, just this, really. The usual, guys. Oh yeah, I decided to play Hisoutensoku again for the hell of it. I think I've gotten a lot better, here are the videos:

But yeah, anyways, always remember to take it easy, bros. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Which 'you' is the real you?

I've been pondering a lot about absolutely nothing sometimes. I blame my dreams though. Oh, to start off with something entirely irrelevant to the current subject at hand, yes.. I do have a job now. I just got lucky though, I guess. Currently working retail yet again, but I'm not going to complain since I at least have a job. Anyways..

Have you always thought that your 'you', as in your current self have multiple personas or personalities? The terminology persona refers to a 'social mask' that a person uses in order to fit in or associate his or herself with people. Because we're human, we learn to instinctively hide who we really are and use a social mask in order to fit in and make sure that our output of communication is understandable to another person or group. 

In Psychology, we've all learned that we have to act this way so that we fit our social roles. In example, let's say "X" person goes to college, goes to work, as well as being the son of <insert family name here>. That individual has to conform or adhere to certain social boundaries, such as being respectful to his parents, or knowing when to be a friend. You can't be your parents' friend, right? You can't be overly respectful to your friends and treat them like they're your parents, right? I certainly would hope not.

Here's where I get a bit lost, if  you hide behind several personas, how do you decide which is the real you? Can you determine which is persona is more truthful to yourself? I realize these are rather bizarre questions I ask myself as well as my blog followers, but it's been something that I can't seem to exactly nail down.

Here's an example.. say you're at work, and you're an otaku. You purposely act like you're a normal everyday person, hiding everything about your hobbies to your co-workers. You act like you love drinking and stuff, while you really couldn't care less. While online, or near your social-cliche, you prefer to discuss about things that are obviously relevant to your interests (pertaining to otaku culture). In school, you act like a normal everyday student and conform to the school's rules, so that you can work with people and not feel like a deviant of social standards. 

Are you able to distinct which is the real 'you'? If so, how? I sort of know the answer to my own questions, and it's not really anything pertaining to Multiple Personality Disorder, it's just a fact of life and a question that I don't think can be understood in less than a day. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I made several trips back and forth to "Borders"~

Random picture that doesn't have anything to do with the subject of this blog entry, fuckyeas. Anyways, I recently stormed off to Borders because all of their manga = now 90% off. Yes, 90% off! So I ended up buying a shit-load of manga. I hoarded anything that my eyes recognized, and thought I might have enjoyed reading. I know a friend of mine here on Blogger reads Chibi Vampire, so I've known about the series for a while. I just got lucky today, and found out that a good chunk of the manga series would be located at my Borders, so I took the entire damn thing. I think I'm only missing a few volumes, right? Maybe? Dunno. 

But yeah, overall, I only spent 21 bucks. I spent like 3 or 4 bucks yesterday buying some manga too, but they were at 80% off. Didn't realize it'd go to 90%. But yeah, hope you guys check your shit online and find out when your Borders will be having a huge sale, cause they're closing for good, guys.

Anyways, this is Mimoto, signing off~

PS: Click on image to see actual size.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Comiket 80

Comiket 80

Guess it's time to post my opinions on C80's stuff, right? Heh. Stumbling on /jp/ again, as always, I was looking at a C80 thread and to my surprise, I noticed that a lot of /jp/ers actually have good tastes in female vocalists. Anyways, you all already know how much I love female voices, so I won't get into that anymore. 

These so far are my favorite songs, and I'll even list album names and everything for you guys:

Song name: 羽ノ亡キ蝶
Artist: 真理絵·霜月はるか
Album: 羽ノ亡キ蝶
Album artist: arcane753.
Track #: 1

Song name: 夜桜街道
Artist: 沙紗飛鳥
Album: 東方幽靜響
Album artist: 舞風.
Track #: 2

I really have to say, I really like this song. Not only is it because it's a song with vocals, but because it's Yuyuko's theme from "Ten Desires". The pacing and rhythm of the song just seems really peaceful, relaxing, and tranquil for me. That's why I enjoy this song, there's really nothing else to say here..

Song name: min~眠~
Artist: 茶太
Album: Sally
Album artist: サリー
Track #: 1

I really like Chata's voice in this. I noticed that when I was reading through the comments on YouTube, one of the comments was that she made this song sound like something from "Higurashi". Makes sense, really. This song gives off a creepy vibe that crawls up my spine, but in a good way. It seems very gothic-rock to me, but maybe that's just my perception of it. I would listen to this song over and over if I'm trying to sleep. Serious.

That's just it for now. I'm still exploring other C80 releases, but I don't like most of the stuff I've been hearing as of recent, eh. Silver Forest seems to be going downhill (in my honest opinion), and TatshMusicCircle's stuff this Comiket was pretty horrid. Nothing interesting.

Friday, September 9, 2011

⑨ Day

Let's all spread some joy for our favorite ice fairy~ Cirno! So here's an image dump! Enjoy, guys! 

and . . . .

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