Monday, June 27, 2011

Shit-post about VNs/eroge [Sharin no Kuni fan-disc, music in eroge, etc etc etc]

You know you're reading a great eroge when there's an emotionally compelling ending that brought you to tears. I'm here to discuss about great music in eroge / VNs. INB4herewerego. So yeah, I'm sure you guys know I'm a huge AkabeiSoft2 fag, rite? I love their VNs, because they actually try to put in quality, even if there's some inconsistencies (oh come on, let's get real here, VNs not being inconsistent? hahaohwow.jpg). 

I told you guys I've read Sharin no Kuni, but did I mention that I finished the fan-disc of that as well? I finish Houzuki's arc, and found out about why he was such a fucking cunt in the original Sharin. I guess the fan-disc elaborated on his past, as well as a slight continuation of what -cough cough- "Masaomi" (hint hint) did after he let Kenichi go. As I was reading the fan-disc, I realized how different Masaomi (gonna refer to him as Masaomi at this point) was in comparison to Ken, but they also had similarities. Masaomi was a lot more strict and way less rule-breaking than Kenichi, and it was a really depressing read to find out why he really betrayed Ken's "dad", per-se. 

The fan-disc revealed more about the original story and even resolved a lot of things that I was confused about in Sharin. Anyways, enough about that..

I started listening to 彩音 (Ayane) a lot as of recent too, she sung the song "Close Your Eyes" in G-Senjou no Maou. Which, by the way, was a pretty tear-jerking read as well. I really like it when the song's mood really affects the flow of the story, and it really brings out the emotion from the reader. Here's the song:

Yes, that was directly from the G-Senjou ending, without the dialogue. Not like you'd understand what's going on anyways, unless you read it. But the music really plays a significant role in what I'm reading. If the mood and flow of the music doesn't match the current situation in the story, I don't feel as if I'm really enjoying my read. Which is why when I like or dislike a VN, it's usually because of the music, story progression, character development, etc. 

Anyways, enough AkabeiSoft2 dick-sucking. I guess I just wanted to state my current thoughts on what I'm listening and reading at this point, eh.


Might or might not spoil anything, but notice the quote at the end. 

My face when..

. . . . I found out I'd be moving to California once I graduate college:

So I'm really shocked. Still am. Yesterday, while my parents were discussing about my plans for my upcoming years in college, I told them I still have a rather large chunk of classes to finish before I'm done. My mom quickly interrupted and told me that once I do finish up college, she plans on moving over to California since it's terribly cold here in Pennsylvania in the Winter. Okay, that's understandable. That and the fact that there's a large Asian community in CA, etc. The thing is that I have friends I really love here in PA, and it'd be awkward starting from scratch again. I don't know if I just have the fear of trying to make new friends, but I don't think it'll be super easy. I do have a couple online friends that lives in CA, maybe they'll show me around or something, I guess. 

 ( But yes, I still have about 1.5 years left of classes. This is under the assumption that I take 15 credits every time. = / )

I really have no idea how to react to all of this, I always thought my mom was teasing me about moving, but it seems she's serious. I guess they're getting older anyways.. I really have no idea how to react at this point because the atmosphere between these two states are massive. I'm so heavily white-washed that it might make things a bit interesting whenever I talk to other Asians, I guess. 

Hopefully, I'll meet some cool otaku people over there or something if I decide to go. I really do want independence and to be free from my parents, though I also care for them because I realize they're getting old. By the time they'd leave for CA, my brother would be near the age of 15. Maybe 16, if they hold it back for another year. I certainly don't expect him to work or anything, but he'll probably end up having to do so. 

Finding an IT job in CA does not seem easy either. From what I'm understanding, Asians there are extremely serious over-achievers, and because of the higher population, I would most likely compete for a job. That. Sucks.

I guess I'll have to see how this all turns out, right now, I'm kinda 50 / 50 with the entire situation. I like my friends here and everything, but what if there's more things for me out there too? But if I go along with my parents, that also might be bad because I don't get along with them. Though I also want to repay them back for the times they've raised me. Eh. So many things to think about at this point. What if.. w-w-what if I become extremely shy during my first encounter with people ? !

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Being single & otaku

Unrelated image, I just thought it was funny.  Anyways, my thoughts on being a single otaku and '2D' love, I guess. I didn't know how to come up with a title for this blog, honestly. Similar to "Kirari Star" (user), I have a similar view about 2D love, though not to such a powerful extent as her's. I honestly think most women in real life are pretty annoying, too much make up, too much bitchyness, and not calm enough. I haven't really found a girl that I've liked since forever, actually. Since I turned into an otaku last Summer or so, most girls really looks the same in my eyes. They're all boring and bitchy. I was having a conversation with an online friend a couple nights ago when I was intoxicated (and so was he..), and we were discussing about how he thought most girls are bitchy. I was shocked, and had to agree. If most girls weren't such bitches and trying to be princesses while having "equality" (see the irony and hypocrisy here?) with men, then some would actually get nice guys instead of bumbling jackasses.

But no, instead, they all try to be a princess and have a "prince charming" trying to save their ass, paying for everything they want, and while at the same time, expect the males to treat them as if they're males. How does that even work? How can you be treated both ways like that? Now, mind you, not all females are like this, and I'm fully capable of comprehending that. Though the majority that I've seen in real life are rather sickening, and I'd hate to even look at them. 

Honestly, I don't regret being single, looking back. Another topic I wanted to get back on track to would be "2D Love". What is it exactly? Normalfags are always using the same argument:

"You love something that does not exist."

Well, I can say with utmost certainty that a lot of girls have unrealistic fantasies about loving Vic Bologna er.. Mignogna, so if you take in consideration of that, you can see that this is a fair comparison. People can 'love' celebrities in that way too, right? In a way, it's the same way for how I feel towards some 2D artwork of females. It's usually how they're depicted. 2D girls aren't really physical as it is spiritual, and you love the concept and idea of the characters. 

Ever have those moments when you look up to a character from a novel or movie? Same here. I look up to certain 2D characters. Honestly, I can't think of a more recent time in this previous year in which I felt overly depressive or upset. I'm usually very happy nowadays because I always have something to entertain myself, or to think about. I'm always occupied on the internet. Where as most normalfags are worried about a girl that would easily trash them as soon as they're done using that person. I will never to have to worry about that. 

I don't really understand this concept called "finding the right person". Sure, I admit that my 'normal' side gets out once in a while and I start thinking about that, but honestly, I'm too happy being the way I am to even think about reverting. It's sad how most people just disgusts me, and I get aggravated nowadays, but all in all,  honestly, I'm rather comfortable with who I am. 

I guess people could call me insane for thinking like this, but most girls honestly do annoy me. There are some that doesn't because they're pure and actually aren't slutty, but believe it or not, a lot of girls are pretty slutty. I'll end this blog entry now, take it easy, /jp/ers and other misc visitors. And always remember..

"What a slut."

Monday, June 20, 2011

Doujin Music of the Week #1: Border of Life

You guys all know how much of a Touhou-fag I am, right? I really love listening to doujin music too, but I also have my specific tastes in regards to which I like. This week, I'm just going to inform you on why I enjoy some of the "Border of Life" (Yuyuko's theme) arrangements I've been hearing as of late. I wanted to do this mostly because I enjoy listening to music, and I love my Touhou. 

First, I'm going to show the very original "Border of Life":

Now we start to compare.

"儚く散り逝く夜桜" - TatshMusicCircle [Album: FAR EAST OF EAST IV]

Listen to that as you're reading this, might make sense to you a bit. Yuyuko's theme, "Border of Life" flows very soft at first, but starts to become really upbeat and fast after several seconds in. But in a way, how the rhythm flows still makes the song rather soothing to listen to, even if the tempo changes over time. Personally, "Border of Life" is one of my favorite songs in the Touhou Project series. TatshMusicCircle's "儚く散り逝く夜桜" not only retained that upbeat tempo, but even heightened it. They also added vocals to it, which by the way, I thought Kanako Hoshino did a fantastic job on. You can really hear the lyrics behind this, and the lyrics even conveyed emotions to the person that's listening to it (to me, it felt very uplifting). Where as most of the songs I've heard from other circles, it just sounds like they're reading words right off a chalkboard. 

You can really hear the beat with this particular arrangement, and how the vocals really synchronizes with the beat of the song really makes it a worthy tune to listen to. However, TatshMusicCircle also twisted this song into a different direction by adding in their own mix to it. Not sure if you guys can tell, but it sounds like the original the majority of the time, but not constantly. This made it really unique in my book, and I could obviously hear the original "Border of Life" out of this. This is by far, my favorite arrangement of "Border of Life". 


"幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 ~Border of Life" - TAMUSIC [Album: 東方子守唄]

Did I mention I love instrumentals? TAMUSIC is another one of my favorite artists, and I loved this arrangement as well. It's just very calm and relaxing, I could actually go outside and just stare at the night sky while listening to this all night. Starts out rather slow, like small droplets of rain falling from the sky at a really slow and even pace. You can really feel the emotion from this arrangement, it just seemed really sad to me. Hell, if I ever were to be able to pick a song for my funeral, it would be something similar to this, if not, this! It just seems very peaceful and relaxing, and you feel as if there's some sort of heightened spiritual transcendence while listening to this. I can't even describe this one at all, I just enjoy listening to it because it really calms me down and lets me think logically. I really like a lot of Tam's songs because of that, the majority of them feel very calm, relaxing, peaceful, and you can almost feel Tam's emotions as he's playing on the piano while listening to this. 


Well, that's all for today, see you guys next time! 

Also remember to take it easy~

Leave me alone.

I guess I've been kinda annoyed at people in general as of late. Could be a plethora of reasons, but I'm rather intoxicated as I'm typing this, so if there are inconsistencies or if my entry seems rather incoherent, I must apologize. 

Anyways, you guys all clearly know that I'm a hikikomori, though entirely different from being a recluse, mind you. I just don't feel the need for social interactions at times. I hate it when people assumes I'm not talking to them because I hate them or whatever. It's not even that. Sometimes, I just have tendencies to space out or be so absorbed in my activities that I pay no heed to my surroundings. While I should probably feel bad, I don't, really. I can't change myself at this point, and I like myself this way. I have that solitude that I can retract into when I feel annoyed by people, and it's very easy for me to do so. Though people assumes that I must hate them if I'm just not responding, which is not the case at all.

In fact, when I'm not at home, I'm usually at a cafe in my town, but I'm always on my laptop. I'm usually checking my Twitter to see feeds from other otaku, or to play MineCraft. So I'm very absorbed in my activities. In fact, I bet you 75% of the time, I am often listening to loud music via headphones, so I can't even hear anything. I am in my own little world. 

I love that world of mine though, I'm always comfortable there, and it's peaceful. Peaceful enough that I can be away from everybody else and just focus on myself, to do things that I want to do. Why can't normal people understand that? I don't see it as something that's so unusual or complex. Then again, I guess my views of people are rather eccentric. 

In fact, an online friend of mine told me that he thought I had a low tolerance for idiocy, because I've been having rather irrational temper tantrums as of late. I just look at normalfags and get angry. Or sometimes, certain actions just triggers my anger. I don't even know why. I can't explain it. I've just been rather angry as of recent, but being online and by myself makes me feel at ease. It keeps me satisfied. People will never understand that. 

Friday, June 17, 2011


W-w-w-what?!?! When will I obtain mai waifu?!?! WHEN?!?! When will she be released?!?! ;____; DOES ANYBODY KNOW?!?! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW@@@@

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My little sister

Let me tell you about my imouto, and how much I adore her. Several months ago, I went on a website and found my imouto. She looked prettier than I had expected, of course. I quickly sent a message to that website, and after a transaction, decided to part ways with her. Just today, my imouto came to visit me. I was really surprised! Let me tell you all about my little sister, she has orange-ish colored hair, and she's very petite. She's currently wearing a pink beach bikini right now, but I don't want to get into that, because she's my little sister and all ! ! !

Here are the pictures ! ! 

I slowly pick her up to look her in the eyes, the looked away and said "Oniichan~" at me. I blushed.

That's all for today. <3

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm an anime reviewer~

..for Mon0r!

No kidding! I'm pretty active on my Twitter, so when I found out that Mon0r was hiring anime reviewers (unpaid, of course), I took that chance to drop in an application. The next thing I knew, I had already received an e-mail in my inbox shortly after. I really do love doing reviews, even if my Engrish is pretty shoddy at times, I like to voice out my opinion on what I think is a 'good' or 'bad' anime, so this was my chance to shine.

My first review was for Key's Kanon (2006) anime, which is on MyAnimeList, and my latest review is on Key's Clannad After Story, which is currently on Mon0r. I really want to keep my reviews unique, so I doubt I'll post reviews on MAL. I want to thank my friends for all of their support, as well as the staff members on Mon0r for hiring me (lol). 

Anyways, I'm pretty tired, seeing as how it's a Saturday, and I've been busy since Friday (mostly gaming and going out to eat sushi!). I hope everyone's weekend has been as busy and fun-filled as mine so far. 

Anyways, I think I'll just leave this here:

Thanks, everyone! Always take it easy~
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