Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tired, sick, etc

Hey there, guys. Sorry I haven't been updating anything in particular as of late. I must say that I think I'm growing weaker or some shit. I might not have had enough nutrition as of late or some shit. I've been really tired late, seriously. I'd be surprised if I could walk for like 10 minutes without feeling like I might have some sort of heart attack or something. I think it's just the season or time to be sick or something too, a lot of my friends have been getting sick.

Besides all of the above, I managed to get a G+ (Google Plus) account. I'm really loving G+ right now, I can freely converse with some of my /jp/ buddies, and see news that are relevant to my interests. Only shit that pertains to my interests, motherfucker.

Other than that, I'm trying to find albums from 東方紅楼夢7, because I'm really looking for certain albums from certain artists, derp. Really looking forward to Syrufit's latest album, but it hasn't been leaked yet, sadly. Trying IRCs, torrents, and motherfucking everything but to no avail. So, just this, really. The usual, guys. Oh yeah, I decided to play Hisoutensoku again for the hell of it. I think I've gotten a lot better, here are the videos:

But yeah, anyways, always remember to take it easy, bros. 

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