Friday, December 16, 2011

Skyrim up the ass

"Nothing completely awkward here. NOPE. Nothing at all."

I've been playing Skyrim a lot since release date, and before you ask, I didn't buy it since it costs way too much (for a poor person like me). I've been enjoying it a lot, because the gameplay and scenery are magnificent. I've been rather absorbed in Skyrim, and haven't done much besides playing that and well . . . being stressed out with schoolwork and money. 

Oh, right. How were your finals? I got done with mine already, and today would be the first day in which I am starting my "break". I did rather poorly this semester, if I had to be honest. Nothing great, meh. But yeah, I don't really have any special plans for Christmas due to the fact that my parents never does anything around this time, and neither do I, since I don't care for it.

I don't really give or receive anything around Christmas, though I used to. I just don't really see a point of it. Anyways, besides all of this typical faggotry, I've been listening to more doujin circles and albums too, so ya know, I'm still taking it easy. 

Anyways, peace out, bros. 

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