Saturday, November 26, 2011

"NoFap", etc

So there's this thing going on Reddit about not fapping, but how does that work, you may ask? Try to not fap for as many days as possible. An online friend of mine recently told me about this, and I swear, it is the strangest feeling ever to try to not think of sexual situations, or things, in general. So I guess I'm trying it for the hell of it, because society has been brainwashing us into thinking that masturbating is good or something. It's not true, and it supposedly kills your self-confidence. I guess that makes sense, if you really think about it. So I guess I'm going to be trying this. But godddamn, let me fucking tell you . . . 

Every time you're going to be on an imageboard site? Porn ads!
Every time you're Googlin' and clickin' on a random page? Porn ads!
Every time you're currently watchan' porn? More porn ads!

Moral: Fuck you, internet! FUCK YOU!

So anyways, I'm still going to attempt this, I've passed "Day 1" so far, and today, I haven't thought about anything sexual regarding lolies, er.. girls, er.. women. FFFFFFFUUU-!!!! Also because of this "NoFap", there are things I regularly do that I can't anymore:

-Read eroge 
-Read doujinshi
-Watch anime (not a big killer, since I've been cutting back on anime in general)
-Oh, why don't I just cross off the entire fucking "media" as a list. SHIT, SON.

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  1. >So there's this thing going on Reddit

    Stopped reading right there.


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