Tuesday, November 1, 2011

M3-2011 Fall

Managed to get my hands of a few albums from this event. The one I looked forward to the most was ShibayanRecord's ムソウマテリアライズ album. I managed to get it just today, thanks to a poster from the Doujin Style forum. Anyways, I streamed it a little bit earlier today, but for those of you that wants the download, just go to here:

M3-28 (M3-11秋) Music Download Thread

It's really nice, because they sort it based by whether the doujin albums are either Touhou related, vocals, instrumentals, etc. I managed to get my hands on other albums too, of course, here are my list so far just from this specific event:

"Spilling Star" - Adresse
"片霧ミンの憂鬱" - CLOSED/UNDERGROUND (Katakiri Rekka's doujin group)
"Sugar" - シャノの気持ち
"ムソウマテリアライズ" - ShibayanRecords

I managed to get more albums, but they're still unsorted, so I'll try to sort those out soon. I should up some cover art for the albums too, eh?

That's all for now, thanks for reading, bros. Take it easy. 

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  1. That album cover looks rediculously beautiful. I usually try new albums or circles based on the art, unless the circle is already in my most favorite category. (EastNewSound, 38BEETS, Alstromeria Records, AramiTama, Xotic, Mohican Sandbag, etc.)


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