Friday, July 15, 2011

Doujin Music of the Week #2: W-w-why Doujin music?!?!

Decided on explaining what doujin music is all about, and why I have an extremely unhealthy obsession with it. Months ago, some of my friends, along with myself, decided to compare our doujin music collection. Apparently, I had the largest amount in comparison to my friends. Some of my friends only saved several albums or even tracks that they love, me on the other hand, pretty much anything I can get my grubby hands on, since I like to explore around with the doujin circles. 

Now, you might be a bit confused and you're asking me what the hell "doujin" even means, mirite?

Doujin music is fan-made music that is based off of original and official music. I'll give several examples below:

"Dark Road" (original)

Doujin versions by several circles:

As you can see, same 'theme', but there are differences in comparison to the original. I really like doujin music because you're using something 100% official and original, and then you're turning it into something else. You're basically expressing the song into your own way, using your own emotions, thoughts, and soul put into it. I get bored with regular stuff nowadays, so I often listen to doujin music. Well, I'm sure not everyone are big fans of doujin music, but for me, it expresses creativity. I've even seen original songs being arranged and re-done in a metal or rock genre. It's just fascinating to see how creative the fans are. This is why I also love the Touhou fandom, because people are fucking nuts and they'll go very far out (in Japan only, Americans don't count, k?) just to do fanwork. 

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