Sunday, July 17, 2011

My first anime (18+) convention?

Remilia's face = How I felt
Sakuya's face = typical con go-er

Well, I guess I can sort of see why conventions are fun. Maybe it's because I went to a relatively small one in the Pittsburgh area that kind made it 'eh' for me. It was fun in the sense that I could meet people with the same interests and stuff. Problem here was that I think I'm too tainted by the internet. I mostly blame /jp/ for my social awkwardness, along with my inability to accept that a lot of people can be supah weeaboos.

Some people were pretty cool though ; met a guy that sets up the Touhou arcade machine at Tekkoshocon, or so he said. That was interesting. Besides that, no one really knew what Touhou was, so I felt like I was at the wrong place or something. But it was a small and 18+ convention, with retro video gaming and old school stuff, so I guess I'll give them a break.

On Friday night, as soon as I got to the hotel / inn, I rushed in around 6 PM, thinking that I might be late. I started seeing a big line for registration, so I knew I was at the right area. Long story short, I was the only Asian at the con. Feels bad, man. Anyways, after like 10 mins of being in line, I finally got my name badge, schedule, and a little booklet about the events, etc. 

Friday night, didn't really do much. Just sorta wandered around because I didn't know who to talk to, or how to fit in. As soon as I came into the gaming room, this one guy asked: 

"Are you the Touhou person?"

He asked that since I was requesting to have a Touhou Hisoutensoku gaming corner in the room on the lolFB group page. Here's the problem, I only had one controller with my setup ( yay for a broke-as-shit otaku ! ! ! ! ! /o/ ) I guess I had to explain what Touhou was to some people, I was extremely disappointed, but I'm glad they were open minded about it.. I was carrying my Reimu plush that I bought on AmiAmi (several months ago) in my arm as I walked around, and I guess some people recognized the character, at least.

On Saturday, I arrived at the con around 10 AM or so. I met more people here and there. There was this really cute chick that was cosplaying as Taokaka. I'm glad I didn't pay close attention to how she actually looks, or it would always ruin the character for me. I'm picky. Anyways, I just ran up to her and gave her a hug and told her how adorable I thought her outfit was. I saw some other BlazBlue girls up there too, pretty cute stuff. Even if they weren't 100% precise or had the body for it, I thought the costumes were pretty good.

Then the convention had an event where Matt K. Miller, the English voice actor for "Tenchi" in Tenchi Muyo was doing Q&A. He was a pretty cool guy, wasn't annoying like I was assuming. Pretty down to Earth kinda guy, though this still doesn't change the fact that I detest dubs with a raging passion of the north star. Then me and my one friend went around and wore out Pedobear hats for a while, and we had fun here and there.

I also met some other IRL friends at the con, so that was cool too. Ok, summing this up now..

I can see why people attends cons, they're a great place to meet weeaboos otaku. I dislike dealers, a lot. From what I've read on /jp/, doing lolGoogling, along with reading other blogs, just seems like a rip-off. I'd rather buy authentic / official figurines directly from the manufacturers themselves, or at least credible websites that sells them. I saw a Kotobukiya Magician Girl figure for like 75 dollars, and it seems like the same amount of price (maybe a tad more expensive? Idk) that AmiAmi had a while back, but in JPY. 

I didn't buy anything in the dealers room at all, eh. Waste of my time and money. I guess my view may be biased since I went to a smaller convention, but it was okay. The people (very little of them) made it fun for me, while for others, probably annoyed the shit out of me. 

There's a guy that was cosplaying as Zack Fair from FF7, he was pretty cool and shit. Invited me to drink sake with him, and he was pretty nice. There was that one other Touhou guy too, he was pretty chill too. He told me he lurked /jp/ when the topic of /jp/ came up. That was pretty awkward. But cool, I guess.

Overall, I'd give it a 6/10. Only because once again, I was pretty displeased in some areas. There were some really annoying chicks too, they kept touching my Reimu when I was standing next to them in the elevator. Ugh. I hate that. So much. 

ITT: That feel when you're too srsbsns otaku for most people. Yeeeeah. THAT FEEL.


  1. I doubt I'll ever go to a con. I dislike people cosplaying, and it makes me upset when people "recognize" reimu but don't know she is from Touhou. Inevitably they saw her, (or more often cirno) in some video on youtube and have no idea about the games.

  2. >I doubt I'll ever go to a con. I dislike people cosplaying, and it makes me upset when people "recognize" reimu but don't know she is from Touhou. Inevitably they saw her, (or more often cirno) in some video on youtube and have no idea about the games.

    Funny you mentioned that, since I'm glad you agree with me on that a bit. It's just annoying because you realize you're at a convention where otaku from all over the area are gathering, but they know very little to nothing about Touhou..... ; A; Makes me sad, man.


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