Saturday, July 9, 2011

If you think Vic is an anime seiyuu god, you must have shit tastes.

Only in AMURIKA will you ever see raging fangirls swarming all over Vic..


I still don't see why all of these fangirls thinks he's like the best thing ever that's happened to anime. I think the fangirls ruins the experience for me when it comes to English dubbed anime. It's not because of their wild obsession as it is their SHIT-TIER TASTES IN DUBBING. Yeah, that's right. They wouldn't even be able to differentiate between a good seiyuu and a bad one. Vic has only voiced some protagonists, most notably known for his homosexual and pedophile voice-acting, Vic has swayed many innocent girls' hearts. Sadly, as a real otaku, I must say that those girls have no tastes in voice-acting, and it makes me sad. 

First off, guy's a Christian. Ok, religion, I'm fine with that. But if he's SUPAH HARDCUUURELOLOLOLOL@@@@, then I don't want to see his faggy face at any convention. Go away. I've heard of con-horror stories all over, don't even get me started there. If I saw this guy in real life, I should push him and shit all over his face.

Anyways, his voice is really notable because it sounds the SAME regardless of which character he's voicing. I would know because I had ...dreadfully.. sat through and watch every single fucking episode of Fullmetal Alchemist English dub. My ears have never bled so much in my life. I thought the horror was over, until one fateful day when I went to a local GameStop and bought my copy of "Ys III: The Oath in Felghana" for the PSP. I started playing it, and I remembered playing as the protagonist, I walked up to a priest in a church, and I swore.. it was Vic's voice. I was like "Wait a fucking minute.." and talked to the NPC again, it WAS Vic's voice. I almost threw my PSP against the wall. Get this shit-tier voice actor off of my games and animu please.

Comparing Japanese seiyuu to Vic, though, note that Japanese seiyuu are a lot more influentual because they voice over 60% of all animated series in the world. Plus, did you know that Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric (from FMA) were voiced by females? Alphonse was voiced by ... yes, Kugimiya Rie while Ed was voiced by  Paku Romi (also known as Romi Park). Yeah, female voice actresses plays a more influentual role than most male voice actors, in my honest opinion. I can't even think of a voice 'actor' on the top of my head, since a lot of females can voice male characters rather well. 

Rie herself has voiced many characters from anime series as well as several from popular video games, such as Rise Kujikawa from Persona 4, etc. Though I guess I'm not that much of a Rie fan as of late, though I do know a lot of fanboys that are into her. I'm more into HorieYui (or Yui Horie) , since her voice acting is rather distinctive, though they don't sound THE SAME for every damn character. 

Even Hirano Aya (or Aya Hirano) has gained success just for voice-acting the role of the character Haruhi. You all know how fucking popular Haruhi is in Japan, I fucking hope. I don't even like that show, and I know all about it because of how large the fandom is. In Japan, there's multiple voice seiyuus that are popular, and people actually argue about which is often the best. Where as in AMURIKA, every single fucking fangirl wants to rub their body all over Vic's cock. It makes me angry because the guy sounds the same for every role he's voiced, and he's an arrogant airhead. Honestly, whenever I see fangirls, I instantly get angry because they all have shit-tier tastes for liking Vic. The fandom in America makes no sense at all to me. 


  1. >paying attention to dubs and VAs in general
    >paying attention to what weeaboos think of said VAs

    Why would you do that?

  2. I'm not American so I wouldn't know. I only watch with subs anyway, I prefer the Japanese VAs.
    But yes, sometimes in video games there is no option to change the voices, and when they are bad, it can be irritating.

  3. >Why would you do that?

    Because sometimes, I'm forced to hear annoying voices from American voice actors and I have no choice but to do so because there's no option to switch.

    I do like seiyuus, in fact, though I watch a lot of anime from time to time, I don't like something because of a seiyuu, but I can recognize a seiyuu's voice.

    I do hate most dubs though, only dub I enjoyed when I was younger was Yu Yu Hakusho. The only dub.

    >I'm not American so I wouldn't know. I only watch with subs anyway, I prefer the Japanese VAs.
    But yes, sometimes in video games there is no option to change the voices, and when they are bad, it can be irritating.

    Pretty much this. I watch anime with subs all the time nowadays, because I can't stand shitty voicing. Video games makes me rage, because NA adaptations tends to suck cock and force you to hear shitting English voicing, so I agree on that.

    IE: "God Eater Burst"


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