Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Being single & otaku

Unrelated image, I just thought it was funny.  Anyways, my thoughts on being a single otaku and '2D' love, I guess. I didn't know how to come up with a title for this blog, honestly. Similar to "Kirari Star" (user), I have a similar view about 2D love, though not to such a powerful extent as her's. I honestly think most women in real life are pretty annoying, too much make up, too much bitchyness, and not calm enough. I haven't really found a girl that I've liked since forever, actually. Since I turned into an otaku last Summer or so, most girls really looks the same in my eyes. They're all boring and bitchy. I was having a conversation with an online friend a couple nights ago when I was intoxicated (and so was he..), and we were discussing about how he thought most girls are bitchy. I was shocked, and had to agree. If most girls weren't such bitches and trying to be princesses while having "equality" (see the irony and hypocrisy here?) with men, then some would actually get nice guys instead of bumbling jackasses.

But no, instead, they all try to be a princess and have a "prince charming" trying to save their ass, paying for everything they want, and while at the same time, expect the males to treat them as if they're males. How does that even work? How can you be treated both ways like that? Now, mind you, not all females are like this, and I'm fully capable of comprehending that. Though the majority that I've seen in real life are rather sickening, and I'd hate to even look at them. 

Honestly, I don't regret being single, looking back. Another topic I wanted to get back on track to would be "2D Love". What is it exactly? Normalfags are always using the same argument:

"You love something that does not exist."

Well, I can say with utmost certainty that a lot of girls have unrealistic fantasies about loving Vic Bologna er.. Mignogna, so if you take in consideration of that, you can see that this is a fair comparison. People can 'love' celebrities in that way too, right? In a way, it's the same way for how I feel towards some 2D artwork of females. It's usually how they're depicted. 2D girls aren't really physical as it is spiritual, and you love the concept and idea of the characters. 

Ever have those moments when you look up to a character from a novel or movie? Same here. I look up to certain 2D characters. Honestly, I can't think of a more recent time in this previous year in which I felt overly depressive or upset. I'm usually very happy nowadays because I always have something to entertain myself, or to think about. I'm always occupied on the internet. Where as most normalfags are worried about a girl that would easily trash them as soon as they're done using that person. I will never to have to worry about that. 

I don't really understand this concept called "finding the right person". Sure, I admit that my 'normal' side gets out once in a while and I start thinking about that, but honestly, I'm too happy being the way I am to even think about reverting. It's sad how most people just disgusts me, and I get aggravated nowadays, but all in all,  honestly, I'm rather comfortable with who I am. 

I guess people could call me insane for thinking like this, but most girls honestly do annoy me. There are some that doesn't because they're pure and actually aren't slutty, but believe it or not, a lot of girls are pretty slutty. I'll end this blog entry now, take it easy, /jp/ers and other misc visitors. And always remember..

"What a slut."


  1. ah maritan, good old english learning full metal jacket parody, good memories~

    actually you could've let the first part in your headline out as it's pretty obious.

  2. >actually you could've let the first part in your headline out as it's pretty obious.

    Yeah, true. ;_; Too lazy to edit as this point, meh.

  3. Being a girl, I actually agree. There are many girls that are slutty and too noisy now a days. It is pretty irritating. Not all of course, but too many. I do get your point. I sympathize with your 2D fantasies as well . . . my heart belongs to my love Ulquiorra haha. And when it comes to equality, we may be hypocrites, but it's the least you could do for what we woman went through! JK XD But hey, no gender is perfect.


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