Monday, June 20, 2011

Doujin Music of the Week #1: Border of Life

You guys all know how much of a Touhou-fag I am, right? I really love listening to doujin music too, but I also have my specific tastes in regards to which I like. This week, I'm just going to inform you on why I enjoy some of the "Border of Life" (Yuyuko's theme) arrangements I've been hearing as of late. I wanted to do this mostly because I enjoy listening to music, and I love my Touhou. 

First, I'm going to show the very original "Border of Life":

Now we start to compare.

"儚く散り逝く夜桜" - TatshMusicCircle [Album: FAR EAST OF EAST IV]

Listen to that as you're reading this, might make sense to you a bit. Yuyuko's theme, "Border of Life" flows very soft at first, but starts to become really upbeat and fast after several seconds in. But in a way, how the rhythm flows still makes the song rather soothing to listen to, even if the tempo changes over time. Personally, "Border of Life" is one of my favorite songs in the Touhou Project series. TatshMusicCircle's "儚く散り逝く夜桜" not only retained that upbeat tempo, but even heightened it. They also added vocals to it, which by the way, I thought Kanako Hoshino did a fantastic job on. You can really hear the lyrics behind this, and the lyrics even conveyed emotions to the person that's listening to it (to me, it felt very uplifting). Where as most of the songs I've heard from other circles, it just sounds like they're reading words right off a chalkboard. 

You can really hear the beat with this particular arrangement, and how the vocals really synchronizes with the beat of the song really makes it a worthy tune to listen to. However, TatshMusicCircle also twisted this song into a different direction by adding in their own mix to it. Not sure if you guys can tell, but it sounds like the original the majority of the time, but not constantly. This made it really unique in my book, and I could obviously hear the original "Border of Life" out of this. This is by far, my favorite arrangement of "Border of Life". 


"幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 ~Border of Life" - TAMUSIC [Album: 東方子守唄]

Did I mention I love instrumentals? TAMUSIC is another one of my favorite artists, and I loved this arrangement as well. It's just very calm and relaxing, I could actually go outside and just stare at the night sky while listening to this all night. Starts out rather slow, like small droplets of rain falling from the sky at a really slow and even pace. You can really feel the emotion from this arrangement, it just seemed really sad to me. Hell, if I ever were to be able to pick a song for my funeral, it would be something similar to this, if not, this! It just seems very peaceful and relaxing, and you feel as if there's some sort of heightened spiritual transcendence while listening to this. I can't even describe this one at all, I just enjoy listening to it because it really calms me down and lets me think logically. I really like a lot of Tam's songs because of that, the majority of them feel very calm, relaxing, peaceful, and you can almost feel Tam's emotions as he's playing on the piano while listening to this. 


Well, that's all for today, see you guys next time! 

Also remember to take it easy~


  1. Can't get enough of ole' Border of Life~ Demetori

  2. Fuckyeahs. Demetori's is pretty decent too.


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