Monday, June 27, 2011

Shit-post about VNs/eroge [Sharin no Kuni fan-disc, music in eroge, etc etc etc]

You know you're reading a great eroge when there's an emotionally compelling ending that brought you to tears. I'm here to discuss about great music in eroge / VNs. INB4herewerego. So yeah, I'm sure you guys know I'm a huge AkabeiSoft2 fag, rite? I love their VNs, because they actually try to put in quality, even if there's some inconsistencies (oh come on, let's get real here, VNs not being inconsistent? hahaohwow.jpg). 

I told you guys I've read Sharin no Kuni, but did I mention that I finished the fan-disc of that as well? I finish Houzuki's arc, and found out about why he was such a fucking cunt in the original Sharin. I guess the fan-disc elaborated on his past, as well as a slight continuation of what -cough cough- "Masaomi" (hint hint) did after he let Kenichi go. As I was reading the fan-disc, I realized how different Masaomi (gonna refer to him as Masaomi at this point) was in comparison to Ken, but they also had similarities. Masaomi was a lot more strict and way less rule-breaking than Kenichi, and it was a really depressing read to find out why he really betrayed Ken's "dad", per-se. 

The fan-disc revealed more about the original story and even resolved a lot of things that I was confused about in Sharin. Anyways, enough about that..

I started listening to 彩音 (Ayane) a lot as of recent too, she sung the song "Close Your Eyes" in G-Senjou no Maou. Which, by the way, was a pretty tear-jerking read as well. I really like it when the song's mood really affects the flow of the story, and it really brings out the emotion from the reader. Here's the song:

Yes, that was directly from the G-Senjou ending, without the dialogue. Not like you'd understand what's going on anyways, unless you read it. But the music really plays a significant role in what I'm reading. If the mood and flow of the music doesn't match the current situation in the story, I don't feel as if I'm really enjoying my read. Which is why when I like or dislike a VN, it's usually because of the music, story progression, character development, etc. 

Anyways, enough AkabeiSoft2 dick-sucking. I guess I just wanted to state my current thoughts on what I'm listening and reading at this point, eh.


Might or might not spoil anything, but notice the quote at the end. 

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