Saturday, May 28, 2011

A dive into the past, the present, and the future.

I guess this blog entry is to remind myself of how I was before I became an otaku, and why I do not regret my decision at all. Starting back to the beginning, I started my otaku-craze some time around last Summer, I can't remember exactly when. I always loved to watch anime, read manga, before I became an otaku, I mean. It just wasn't as intense or serious, now it's practically a ritual. Around last year, I started browsing sites and became extremely interested in the world of 'otaku culture', and I didn't realize that it was the beginning of a totally different outlook and lifestyle upon society. I slowly immersed myself, and I somehow was motivated by a few individuals. One of those people, I actually follow here on Blogger, her name's KirariStar.

Anyways, to get to the point, I started watching more anime over the Summer, and I think I was always browsing merchandises on, just for fun. I started browsing a lot too, and my first purchase was a Disgaea 2: Rozalin (1/8) PVC figure made by Griffon, which I purchased off of a member from Figure.FM! She even sent me a thank you card, drawing Flonne on it and everything, it was adorable. =)

My 2nd figurine was a Flonne PVC figure that I bought from AmiAmi, etc. I started collecting more and more stuff, and before you know it, I became an otaku over the Summer. I bought a desk from a local retailer and started displaying my figurines on it for a while, but I decided to put all of them back into their respective boxes/containers since I'm lazy and don't feel like dusting off all of my shit.

I guess before I became an otaku, I lived an ordinary life of a 'geek'. It was a dull life though, everything felt too boring for me. Strangely, some people claims to say that while I proudly call myself an otaku, I'm sort of mature at times, and some people loves me for thinking outside-of-the-box, while some hates me for how I perceive people. That's understandable, I hate a lot of things, and if I'm disgusted with something, I'll directly state my opinion(s).

Being an otaku didn't really change too much though, if anything, I still have friends. Though I'm usually happy most of the time nowadays, before I became one, I was in a lot of situations where I felt as if I was also 'emo' or depressive or whatever. I'm not like that anymore, I have too many things to keep me occupied (on the internet). I know some of the people I hang around with thinks I'm weird, but if they don't like me for how I am, whatever. I wouldn't need friends like that, right?

Really looking forward to what the future brings, maybe one day, I'll get bored of this expensive hobby and move on with my life. But I don't want that right now, in fact, I would hate to live the life of an ordinary normalfag. It's far from amusing, and seeing how most normalfags are the same (IMO), I wouldn't want to live such a dull and monotonous life~

I'm always curious, and I would wonder how other people ended up becoming an otaku. Because my side of the story is certainly different from some, I would assume. I know some closet-otaku girls too, but they're usually online people I often chat to. I wish I could meet more people like that, so I could have people to talk to, ya know.. things that are relevant to my interests. Most normalfags are boring. Most.

Anyways, I really have nothing to blog about besides this. I'd figured I'd make an entry about this a bit. On a daily basis, I'm usually on Twitter chattin' it up, or browsin' /jp/ whenever I have time, though /jp/ has gone downhill heavily.. Anyways, remember to take it easy, guys. I'm off.

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