Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Electronics mumbo-jumbo

Recently, I wanted to get a pair of headphones. Why? Because I just do. I love listening to high quality music, that's pretty much it. I hate in-ear so much though. they either fall off or the cord is too thin for my own personal tastes. A friend of mine recommended Audio Technica's "ATH M50", but I decided to get the M50S instead because it comes with a straight cable instead. I think those are better and won't be clunky, etc. I've read up on a lot of reviews, and a lot of people said that they enjoyed the ATH-M50S because you can hear music really well with it, it's durable, and it's very comfortable. 

Picture of it below:

Doesn't that look bad-ass as fuck? I mean, it looks like one of those headphones that literally screams out:

Anyways, besides that, I recently purchased a Razer DeathAdder USB mouse for near 60 bucks at BestBuy as well, since I needed one for my new Studio XPS laptop. The comfort on it is amazing, it's like the feel of a cyborg girl's breasts. Ok, that's a lie. I wouldn't even know what that's like.. Pics? Sure!

Ok, that's all for today. Thanks for reading.

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