Monday, May 9, 2011

My Girlfriend's A Geek

Today being May 9th, 2011, I had to pick my mom up from the mall since she works over there. I reached for my cellphone in my pocket, and quickly dialed her phone. She never picked up, so I was assuming she must have been busy at the time. Curious, bored, and fascinated by the world of 'mall people', I'm stumbled as to where I should go. All of a sudden, as I reached my hands into my pocket, I had an idea.

I want to see what kind of manga they have right now at the book store . . . . I wonder if I can find "Mirai Nikki" or the next vol of "Koko ni Iru Yo!"*

[ *If you guys didn't know, I'm really into shojo (Shōjo, 少女). "Koko ni Iru Yo!" (eng: I am here!) is my favorite shojo series, because the main character is incredibly cute a-a-a-and and and.. I really don't want to get into this, we'll leave this discussion for now! Another time! >: ]

Anyways, I went into Borders and looked at the manga selection. I was very disappointed, due the variety of selections. I quickly noticed Mirai Nikki / Future Diary, but there was only vol 1 & 2. I really wanted to get it, but I thought that if I were to buy it, I'd have to get the entire series.. And god knows if I'll ever manage to find the rest of them unless I looked online, and I'm too lazy to do that.

But yeah, I kept on glancing back and forth, then I noticed a very awkward title "My Girlfriend's a Geek". At first, after observing the cover of the book, it seems like one of those 3DPD-worthy books that I'd loathe. However, upon flipping through the pages, some words caught my attention:

Fate/Stay Night

At this point, I'm wondering what the fuck this shit is.. I kept on reading, and I started chuckling at some of the dialogue that was contained within the pages. It amused me. I instinctively brought up vol 1 and 2 up front, only to have the person ringing it out for me. I couldn't help myself. I was really enjoying what I was reading. The humor was just 'different' from the books that I'd normally detest reading, thank god. Anyways, going to up some screenies. 

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