Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What should I eat?

I'm really hungry right now, and there's nothing at home that I could really forage to even make a meal. Wait, no, that's a lie. My mom made some "Bun Bo Hue", you guys can just Google search that, I guess. I feel like I haven't eaten much as of late, I only have around two meals per day on average, sometimes even one. Is this really unhealthy? I feel fine most of the time, but I never really eat much because my body rarely starves. Most of the time, if I do eat a single meal, I really pig-out anyways, so I guess it might even things out a little. There's a few eggs in the fridge, some leftover rice, and some 'bun' (noodles, pronounced as 'booun', well, something like that..). 

I really wish I wasn't so lazy, I can cook really well, but I don't feel like making myself fried rice, or anything. I'm waiting until my little brother gets home, I guess I'd just warm up some 'bun' later on and have lunch with him. Besides this completely nonsensical blog entry, I would like to say that I recently purchased a Studio XPS 15, by Dell. I'll give you guys a list of the specs one day, when I'm not too busy. I should be getting it some time around the 24th of May! I'm super excited and I can't wait for my new laptop! 

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