Friday, May 6, 2011

Hung out with two very close friends today

I can't really wish for something better. I was rather bored at home earlier today, I was mostly updating my Twitter and downloading anime from this current season. I'm really interested in watching Hidan no Aria, especially. Anyways, I won't go onto that anymore than need be. I received a text message somewhere around 5 PMish from a friend, he asked if I could hang out at a restaurant. How can I deny this? I love to hang out with my friends, even if I'm the type of guy that seems like a typical everyday recluse. Long story short, I arrived at a place and had met up with my friend before it reached 8 PM. I'm not going to disclose their names for personal reasons, since this is a public blog and all. Anyways, him and my one other friend ended up going to the restaurant. As soon as I got there, the first thing that came out of my mouth when I saw the waitress was:

"What kind of imported beers do you guys have?"

My friends both looked at me like I was an alcoholic, at first. Of course, I don't really blame them. It's a bad habit of mine, everywhere I go, I usually ask for their beers selection(s). In the end, I ended up buying some seasoned curly fries, 12 chicken wings coated with hot ranch dressing, and a bottle of Samuel Adam's Boston Lager. I even asked the waitress to put a slice of orange on top, haha. 

Anyways, so dinner was great and everything. I went outside for a bit to have my cigarette break after eating, and I can say that it was definitely a very fun night. But it didn't end there. My friend asked me if I had wanted to go watch "Thor". So I agreed. We dropped off out other friend, and it was just me and him left. We both headed to the theaters before it was 9 PM, since the movie starts at 9:05 PM and all.

We had to pay for the tickets, and I think it cost me around 9 bucks, I forgot. Anyways, I rushed inside and watched the movie. I thought the visual effects were gorgeous and full of life, just seeing Asgard in the movie made me wish it was real. The movie was pretty decent, can't say I hated it. So then I went outside and ended up lighting my cigarette again, and drove my friend back to where he parked his car. We said our good-byes, and I ended up lighting myself another cigarette before I drove back home.

Overall, I would love to hang out like this again. I wouldn't have it any other way!


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