Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shipment of May 10th, 2011

I was checking up on my Twitter this morning, suddenly.. I hear my door bell ringing. 

What could it be?! Of course, it can't be those Jehovah's Witnesses people again!!! I swore I scared them off last time! What is this madness?!

At this point, I felt very intimidated. I walked downstairs, opened my door.. and suddenly.. there was a lady outside standing in front of my house holding a package from what potentially could be Japan! She told me she only needed me to sign, and as soon as I inspected the package carefully, I saw the word 'Ami'. I was assuming it's "AmiAmi.jp", or possibly tea because I remembered buying some tea off of eBay a while ago, also from Japan.

So yeah, I hurried off to sign the paper, and then quickly took my package, slammed the door, ran upstairs to the living room, and began taking pictures as soon as I opened my packaging! Holy fuck.

And what appears in front of my eyes was the "Tomoe Mami" t-shirt I ordered from AmiAmi in about a week ago. How the hell did it get here so fast?! I was shocked! I'm really ecstatic right now, the shirt's quality is amazing! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to read the red text since it's on a black background and all, but it's not too bad! Here are the pics! Enjoy!

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