Sunday, May 29, 2011

Too srsbsns for me.

There's two things I could never understand, and I'll narrow those down to:

a) Why people thinks being 'alone' is bad for you.
b) Why people that are overly emotional or being a total drama-fag shouldn't get into a 'srs' relationship.

It's just something that's always irked me. Really. 

a) Why people thinks being 'alone' is bad for you. 

I would normally ask people why being 'alone' or by yourself is bad, their response usually comes down to not having enough human interaction or having a special someone close to you. Here's my side of the argument, I think that some times, people can do more trouble and even hinder another person's abilities just by trying to be with them too much. Does this make any sense? If it doesn't, I'll elaborate.

Say you had a meeting with your girlfriend to go out on a date, deep down inside, you love her, but you feel like you're wasting precious time that could be easily spent doing something else. You're most likely wasting money to fill up that gas tank, buy her expensive jewelry, clothing, etc. Do people really think this is worth it? Wasting time for another person is never top priority, certainly is far from MY top priority in life.

What about arguments, and the emotional-consequences that comes out of relationships? What happens when you get into an argument? You stress and think about the same thing over and over, like a tape recorder. You think that's helpful? Of course not. I've seen overly depressive people that wanted to suicide because they got all BAAAAWWWW and emo-tier because some girl didn't want to be with them any longer.

I don't really see the point of that. Move on. I'm also stating this from personal experience, btw. As you can see, so far, I've listed major disadvantages: Money, time, and emotional drawbacks/consequences. 

Now here comes the kicker, you ready? "Not enough human interaction", which can also be correlated to some of us otaku out there. Who says that a person needs to have constant human interaction? You only need so much of it just to be able to navigate or comprehend how society works. The only reason I ever go outside is to: 

(Personal list of reasons)


Work and food is a necessity, I need to work in order to get cash, which I can then use in order to buy food to replenish my body's energy and survive. Friends? Not so much. I disagree with the sentiment that you need friends in order to live. I refuse to rely on anybody (nowadays), because my views have significantly changed since I started college. Even if you're supposedly lonely, as long as you make enough money to afford all of the necessities, you'll be fine. Sometimes, very little human interaction is better than too much human interaction.

Human interaction is strongly encouraged for the sole purpose of landing a successful job, that is it. I don't see how people thinks that this logic works at all. You only need so much of it. Also, what is considered as the minimum of human interaction? There's no laws or set rules for this. People are stupid. Makes me want to slap a motherfucker.

b) Why people that are overly emotional or being a total drama-fag shouldn't get into a 'srs' relationship.

I'm really getting sick of other males that acts like wimps because they 'lost' someone, and I don't mean a significant loss like a person dying, of course. This is really related to a 'friend' of mine in real life, and I wanted to rant about this since he's starting to piss me off. A lot. Though depression is an understandable way for your emotions to be released, so you can cope with everything, it's unnecessary to attract needless attention to yourself. Want to suicide? Go-a-fucking-head. I said it. No one cares. I care enough to a certain point, though needless attention just means you're deprived of it and makes you look like a little kid.

Want to go do illegal drugs? Go-a-fucking-head. Not my problem, I won't be affected by it. Want to drink beer til you pass out? Go-a-fucking-head. Not my problem, once again. Why do people needlessly flaunt this shit to their friends? Do they think that their friends will go "Awwww, boo-hoo" and lick that person's balls? Fuck no. 

There are better things to do than to act like a kid and flaunt things that they know they would NEVER do. I hate people that say they'll suicide if they lost a romantic partner, because most likely, they won't do so. If they do, they're an idiot, and I don't care. Why are they attracting attention to themselves as if they are a girl? Isn't that a girl's job? That's more understandable if it was a girl, because they're the more emotional out of the two genders. 

So my usual comeback would be:

"Are you a fucking girl?"

If anything, all of this further proves my point that people like that should straighten out their priorities, they obviously don't have the knowledge or maturity to handle a serious relationship. Now, fuck-buddies, that's different and I don't want to get into that.

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  1. I see your point in both and although I should be offended by B, I'm not. Honestly B is what pisses me off the most. I hate having to be the cold serious one and yet plagued by tits.


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