Friday, May 6, 2011

In need of a better laptop.

My current laptop has been dying out for a long while now. The internal fan doesn't work as well, and my laptop's keyboard feels like an oven when I try to type. I have very little up to no experience when it comes to opening up laptops, because I never found the motivation to learn it. I guess now would probably be the best time, huh? Anyways, the battery is dead, this laptop's specs is considered as outdated (to me). I'm thinking about getting a new laptop, preferably Dell's Studio XPS. I was reading over the specifications, and it seems to be what I'm looking for in terms of power and efficiency. 

Friends have actually asked me why I didn't want a PC. Here are my reasons:

1) My room is tiny
2) My desk is tiny
3) My parents would be against it*
4) I like to bring my 'computer' with me everywhere I go (aside from work)

* = Because they'd assume I'd be cooped up in my room all day and night, not that I would blame them for being troubled by this.

So here I am, searching through various websites for the best deals as well as asking for advice on what brands other users would like best. I've had great opinions from online users, as well as real life friends, both which encouraged me to go forth on my current decision. I was a bit iffy at first, on whether I wanted an Alienware, mostly because of the fact that users have given that brand decent reviews. However, I honestly don't think that the performance is worth the cost. Not only that, but it's too chunky for my tastes, and due to the fact that I'd be carrying it around all day, I would probably be irritated. 

In case anybody asks, I just want a decent laptop that can multi-task efficiently. I'll be using the laptop mostly for gaming, and for media. However, I'm also using it for school-work, so it'd be an everyday-usage laptop in my hands. I did some calculations, and even with an i7 processor and an 8 GB DDR3 RAM, it wouldn't cost more than 1.2k. As far as hard drive space goes, I think 500 GB is a copious amount of space that I doubt I'm even capable of filling up. I'll be having multiple externals for that purpose.

Anyways, thanks for reading this blog entry! "Take it easy", guys!

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