Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Pretty much going Yuuka-mode all over this shit. Holy fucking christ, please stop asking for advice if you're not going to accept or try to make attempts. I guess that it's possible that such things could be bad advice, but if you're asking someone you think you trust (to to an extent), you must have had some sort of intention, right?  Holy FUCK.

I am sick of being the interpreter or that beach ball that monkeys passes around. I don't want to be the ball that you two monkeys throws around. Holy fuck. No more of this. No longer helping anybody. Normalfags just makes me sick to my stomach and I might puke. 

However, in other words, I really think I have a deep misanthrope tsuntsun side to myself that's always hidden. I'm thinking back to the past whenever I'd snap at some of my friends for when they did stupid shit. I don't know why, but I think somewhere from within myself, I'm always angry. Why the fuck am I so angry? I don't know. It's not like I am unhappy or anything, I just get easily irritated. Maybe I'm a misanthrope, because a lot of people sickens me. Maybe I use the word 'normalfag' a lot because I view quite a large majority of people as faceless dolls. Maybe. Just maybe. 

I wasn't really overly aware of my anger issues until this past recent week. I just got angry all of a sudden for no apparent reason, though through doing some searching online, I found out that many psychology websites even stated that the anger is stemming from somewhere. I can't find that 'somewhere'. Where is it? I'm always angry deep down inside, oh well. Doesn't bug me that bad to care. I'm pretty direct about things, I like it this way.

Let's see what I broke today at work due to anger issues. Note that I work in a retail environment where I'm dealing with stupid, idiotic, shit-eating nose-picking dick-licking cock-sucking fucks normalfags. I work in an area where I constantly take phone calls, and I swear, people asks the dumbest shit. It makes me want to jump through the phone and sew their mouths shut. FUCK. 

I'm also sent to an area in the back where I am forced to unload off of a truck, which I don't really mind, however, I'm dealing with morons here, mind you. I threw so many boxes across the floor today and jumped on every single fucking one, breaking everything in my path. Nobody dared to even say shit to me, because they've all seen my temper when I unload. I also hate it when people asks me:

"What's wrong, [insert my real life name here]?"

Why would you ask me that? WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU EVER ASK ME THAT? Do you want me to go apeshit on your cunt ass and start rambling on about 30 minutes discussing about things I hate? Holy shit. What the fuck. The guy just asked me that out of the blue, I was just minding my own business, mind you. I don't really talk while I'm at work, because talking to people just infuriates me more.

So I quickly responded with:

"If I told you, would you have a solution for my problems?"

So he responded with:

"Uhh.. well.. it'd make you feel better?"

That is the dumbest faggotry ever. Are you fucking kidding me? You want me to tell you about what I hate? I can go on and on, and how the fuck would this make me feel better? Just thinking of shit I hate would make me hate it more. I guess my logic doesn't work too well with normalfags, but holy fuck, I am sick of their shit. 

So anyways, I just said to him:

"Not really. I don't believe in such idiocy."

Which is quite true. I however, do ask some friends that though, because I'm sure their logic is the typical of normalfags, and I felt that I'd have to if they wanted to talk (which, most do). I'm so opposite of this, it's not even funny.

Every day, people sickens me more and more, and I feel as if my original plan of staying home all day watching anime and playing Touhou was never such a bad idea in the first place. FUCK. 

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